Saturday, March 25, 2017

Release Blitz for Taken by the Alien by Abel Ward

Taken by the Alien Dragon.jpg

Taken by the Alien Dragon
By Abella Ward
Release Date: March 25th
Genre: Sci-fi romance
Hosted By: Chance Promotions


“You are mine, and you will follow my orders”

Virginia Downey is ready to leave Earth and join an alien breeding program.
But when her spaceship is attacked by pirates, all seems lost. Especially
when Vai, the merciless Ghost Warrior, claims her as his mate.
The frightening mercenary with his rippling muscles almost makes her faint.
Especially when her gaze lands at the junction of his thighs…

Alien dragon Vai has only one goal in life. To destroy the scientist Pirræq
whose experiments killed his siblings. So when he encounters Virginia, the
future mate of Pirræq’s brother, he decides to keep her.

But this stunning human, all curves worthy of love and more, makes him want
to mate. No, scratch that: this woman is his mate, whether she likes it or
not. And if she doesn’t submit to him, he will punish her.


Abella Ward has always dreamed of visiting other planets and being swept
off her feet by a hot, bluish alien warlord. When that warlord didn’t come,
she started taking pleasure in writing books about her fantasies instead.

Abella loves to write sexy stories about ruthless alpha males. Her books
contain three things: hot aliens, steamy romance and lots of action.
Nothing else. Oh, and happy endings, of course.

She likes stargazing on her rooftop, treating herself and her curves to the
occasional box of ice cream and visiting rock concerts. She lives with her
husband (who may not be an alien but could be described as a warlord in his
own way) and dog in Arizona.

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