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Destroying the Soul by L. Grubb & Abigail Davies

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Title: Destroying the Soul

Series: Destroyed Series #2

Authors: L. Grubb & Abigail Davies

Cover Designer: Clarissa Wild

Release Date: Feb. 20,  2017


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I’m a man with a troubled past. Growing up with a drug addict for a

mother and trying to be both mom and dad for my little brother was hard, but I

was determined for him to make something of himself, to help get him in the

best college out there and get him away from the hellhole we call home; even if

it took everything in me.

The plan was to make my business legit and make

some real money so I could make sure he had everything he needed. 

I was on a one track mission, bounding ahead

with tunnel vision.

That was until her. 

Until I saw her sweet face behind the counter of

the coffee shop and suddenly, I had another focus.

She had an aura of sadness about her that drew

me in. Her softly spoken words made me wish I could listen to her all day long.

I made it my mission to make her smile whenever I got the chance to see her.

The invisible thread that connected us started getting smaller and smaller as

time went on, bringing us closer than I’d ever been to anyone before.

At least, I thought we were close. I had no idea

that she was suffering at the hands of a monster. A monster who did everything

he could to keep me from her. He ripped me away from her when she needed me the

most and I was powerless to fight against the law, even if I didn’t break it.

My life was turned upside down and the worst of

it was leaving her without getting to tell her how I really felt. I never once

forgot about our connection and when I finally got out of prison and went to

check on my Ivy League brother, I never expected to see her there. 

I knew it would be hard to explain why I just up

and left without a word, but I never thought it would be near impossible to

even talk to her, to explain that I didn’t even have a choice in leaving. 

Then he turns up, the monster that haunts her

memories. I won’t let him keep me away from her again and I certainly won’t let

him hurt her.

I’ll do anything to protect her. Torture, maim,

kill. And I’ll do it all without a second thought or conscience.

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Destroying the


About the Authors:

L. Grubb:

Lucii is your typical British

girl, hates the sun and hibernates when summer arrives! She lives at home with

her 3 year old daughter, where they spend the day watching Frozen and playing


She started off as a regular

person, job, home life, health issues and a love of reading. After reading the

Fifty shade phenomenon, she went onto social media to seek other authors

writing the same or similar genres. She entered a world she didn’t know existed

and went on to open a successful blog.

Inspiring dreams took a back

burner while she learned the book community and met a bunch of amazing authors

and readers alike.

A year later she decided to

start writing, hoping against hope that her friends and fellow readers will

like what she brings to the table.

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Abigail Davies:

New Adult and Contemporary romance author Abigail Davies grew up with a

passion for words, story telling and anything pink. Dreaming up characters and

talking to them out loud is a daily occurrence for Abigail. She finds it

fascinating how a whole world can be built with words alone, and how everyone

reads a story differently. Now following her dreams of writing, Abigail has set

out on the crazy journey of being an author. When she’s not writing, she’s a

mother to two daughters, who she encourages to use their imagination, as she

believes that it’s a magical thing. Abigail loves to get lost in a good book

and is rarely far away from her kindle.

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