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Nora Tierney Mysteries - Audio Book Tour

The Blue Virgin (A Nora Tierney Mystery, #1)
Despite a planned move, the mysterious death of photographer Bryn Wallace keeps American writer Nora Tierney glued to Oxford in order to clear her close friend, artist Val Rogan, who has been wrongfully accused of Bryn's murder. Or has she?

Nora quickly becomes embroiled in the murder investigation, much to the dismay of two men: Detective Inspector Declan Barnes, the senior on the case; and Simon Ramsey, the illustrator of Nora's children's book. Simon's efforts to save Nora from herself become increasingly frantic as Nora is forced to push her way into Declan's case, using her wits and her wiles to prove Val's innocence.

The first in a series of Nora Tierney mysteries based in the UK, The Blue Virgin is a compelling story of love and intrigue. Nothing, Nora learns, is what it seems, and even the most innocent of choices can lead to murder and revenge. Set in the ancient city of golden spires, the setting lends itself to mystery, as any Inspector Morse fan will agree. The novel is written in classic English style, complete with a cast of characters and chapter epigraphs that add to its literary feel.

The Green Remains (A Nora Tierney Mystery, #2)
Nora Tierney is living at Ramsey Lodge in England's glorious Lake District, anticipating two life-changing events: the publication of her first children's book and the birth of her first child. Choosing a name for her son and checking proof pages with her illustrator, Simon Ramsey, fill her days--until a morning stroll along the shore of UK's largest lake, Windermere, leads her to discover the corpse of the heir to Clarendon Hall.
When Simon is implicated in the death, Nora dives headfirst into the murder investigation to discover the real killer. As the body count rises, Nora and her unborn child will face risks and perils she could never anticipate in this second in a series of Nora Tierney mysteries.

The Scarlet Wench (Nora Tierney Mysteries, #3)
In the third Nora Tierney Mystery set in England, American writer Nora awaits the arrival of a traveling theatre troupe who will stage Noel Coward's play Blithe Spirit at Ramsey Lodge in the Lake District. With her son six months old, Nora must juggle parenting with helping her illustrator and friend Simon Ramsey run the lodge. She's also hoping to further her relationship with the only lodge guest not in the cast: Detective Inspector Declan Barnes, ostensibly there for a hiking trip. When a series of pranks and accidents escalate to murder during a flood that traps everyone, Nora realizes her child is in jeopardy and determines to help Declan unmask a killer.

Marni Graff had a successful career as a registered nurse who wrote on the side before writing full time. She has a degree in English Lit and studied Gothic Mystery at Oxford University in England. She also wrote articles for Mystery Review magazine, where she interviewed many of the authors whose work she admired.
Marni is the award-winning author of The Nora Tierney Mysteries, set in England. The Blue Virgin introduces Nora, an American writer living in Oxford. The Green Remains and The Scarlet Wench trace Nora’s move to the Lake District where murder follows her.  In process is The Golden Hour, set in Bath, England. Premiering in the next few months will be Graff’s new Manhattan series, Death Unscripted, featuring nurse Trudy Genova, a medical consultant for a New York movie studio. This new series is based on Marni’s favorite nursing job in real life.

Marni is also co-author of Writing in a Changing World, a primer on writing groups and critique techniques. She writes crime book reviews at Auntie M Writes and is Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press, an author’s cooperative. A member of Sisters in Crime, Marni runs the NC Writers Read program in Belhaven which allows writers experience reading their work out loud and getting immediate feedback. 







Declan knelt down beside the body and leaned closer to find the pendant that weighed it down the silver chain down, issuing his pen to gently withdraw the ornate silver charm.

    "Rodgers, get a snap of this thing, will you?" he asked the photographer, who appeared quickly and took several from different angles as Declan held it aloft. He dropped the pendant back inside the woman's shirt, pondering its significance. Was it a personal choice or had someone given it to her?


Green Remains:



    "Please sit down, Cook," Sommer said, gesturing to the last chair. He drew a ragged breath. "What happens now?" he asked the detective.

   Before Clarke could answer, Antonia jerked upright and stood. "What happens now? Our lives are over, Sommer, that's what happens now." Cook rose, but before she could make her way around the table, Antonia had dashed to the set of glass shelves. Raising her arm, she swept it quickly across the shelves, one after another, sending her collection of Dresden figures to shatter noisily on the floor.

Scarlet Wench:



   "I think we should all join hands and thank the spirits for bringing us together." Shiny discs on the turban Helen wore glistened in the candlelight and bobbed with her movements, throwing blue streaks into the room.

   "I think you're dotty." Gemma raised her wine glass and knocked back half.

   "Helen, please--" Grayson warned. He took his place at the head of the large table, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind as to who was in charge.


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  1. Thank you for sharing these books with us and for a chance to win prizes too

  2. Thank you for hosting me! I hope readers will enjoy listening to the great Audible books done for the series, narrated by a British actress, Nano Nagle.


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