Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wood U Release Day Blitz

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Author Bios:

L.G. Pace III has spent several decades pouring creative energy into other things besides writing. He began his current journey by telling his two daughters bedtime stories about a magical realm and a hero named Terel. Though that story is still sitting unfinished in the electronic universe he has managed to bring several other stories out of the dark maelstrom of his mind for others to enjoy. He dwells in the great state of Texas with his wife, novelist Michelle Pace and their children.

The Lost One
The Paladin

The Carved Hearts Series (with Michelle Pace):
Good Wood

Oculus (with J.L. Mac)

Facebook: https:// LGPaceIII 

Michelle Pace lives in north Texas with her husband, Les, who is also a novelist. A mother of three, this former singer and actress has always enjoyed entertaining people and is excited to continue to do so as a writer.

Crazy Love 
Somethings Come Up (with Andrea Randall) 
Fury (with Tammy Coons) 
Rage (with Tammy Coons) 
The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life (with Tammy Coons) 
Kiss Kiss

 Connect with Michelle Pace at:
Facebook: https:// 
Twitter: @MichelleKPace 
Webpage: http://

Excerpt One: 

We were cresting the hill when the viewing platform became visible. I could tell the moment that Kelly caught sight of Lake Austin, because she gasped and turned a complete circle. 

Look! You can see all the way downtown!” she squealed, and her smile was like cool lemonade on a blistering summer day. She pulled me out of my introspection and back to my goal for the evening. 

Race you,” I said and took off running for the unencumbered view of the river. Being the competitive little nymph she is, Kelly tore off ahead of me. Seconds later she went sprawling, scaring the hell out of the couple nearby whod been quietly enjoying the view. Her cry chilled me to the bone. 

Kelly!” I leapt forward, grabbing at her shirt as her body rolled toward the edge. My heart nearly stopped as I almost didnt get a grip on her. My fingers dug into her, stopping her roll just three feet from the edge of the rock face. 

Jesus, Kelly.” My pulse pounded in my ears as I fought back the image of her lifeless body smashed on the rocks below. Pulling myself up beside her, I cradled her face in one hand, but my other hand wouldnt cooperate. It seemed to have a mind of its own and it was refusing to let go of her shirt. I could tell by her twisted features she was seriously hurt. She reached down for her ankle, wincing.

What just happened?” I asked her, baffled at her incessant ability to injure herself. 

I s… stepped in a h… hole.” Her breathing was labored and I looked up to see the couple from the nearby bench was running our way. 
Are you okay? Do you need me to call an ambulance?” The woman looked at Kelly then at me, as if trying to figure out if I was friend or foe. 

Im fine,” Kelly said. She waved them off. Sorry to have scared you. Mac, help me up.” 

I frowned, but offered my hand regardless. Are you sure you can stand?” 

Of course I ca—” Her sentence deteriorated into an agonized exclamation, and she nearly fell over as she tried to put weight on her foot. 

I righted her, and when I saw the tears that were welling in her eyes, I swept her up in my arms and started for the staircase. 

Wait!” She protested, her voice raspy from the pain. We dont have to go. I can hop on one leg.” I heard a sigh of longing from the girl behind us.

You never carried me anywhere, Ted,” she said accusingly. 

Ive got a bad back, and you arent that thin,” the man said dryly.

 I fought back a chuckle. Kelly wiggled in my arms, and a pout appeared on her face. Her stubbornness was as adorable as it was infuriating. 

You need a doctor, Sugar.” 

But,” her lip trembled, you cant carry me all the way back down.

 I eyed her dangerously. Watch me.” 

Her soulful eyes that seemed incapable of disguising the truth, implored me. Mac…” 

I got this, Sugar.” I said, and as if Id popped her balloon, she deflated against me. She sniffed, and I kissed her forehead, without taking my eyes off the path in front of me. I got you.

Excerpt Two: 

When she opened the door, I pushed my way in without a word. Her eyes were bright and a little scared; but shed asked me to come, and I planned to do just that. 

Her face was scrubbed free of make-up, and she was wearing a long white t-shirt. It was obvious that she thought Id turned her down, and she was ready for sleep. Frankly, the t-shirt was fucking sexy, far hotter than any Victorias Secret shit she could have come up with. Her hair was all down around her, and my hands were fisting it instantly. 

She opened her mouth to speak, but I didnt allow it. My mouth was on hers, and though she hesitated for a second, it was exactly that before she gave back what she got. Her hands raked through my hair, tugging my mouth closer to hers, her tongue reminding me just what she was capable of. I slid my hands down to her bare thighs and lifted the shirt over her head. 

Mac,” she sighed, as if ready to launch into another one of her lectures about how we shouldnt do what we were about to do. I looked down to see that she wasnt wearing a bra, and a primal growl escaped me.

Shhhh,” I urged, backing her against the wall and caging her between my arms. 

But—” She whimpered, and I froze, cocking my head to the side. 

Do you want this?” I asked. 

What kind of question—” she started, a fire lighting behind her milk chocolate eyes. 

Yes or no, Kelly?” I interrupted. 

She stopped short, her eyes darting back and forth as she assessed the message in mine. 

Yes.” Her breathless response was accompanied by her hands reaching for my zipper. I interrupted her attempt to undress me, running my hands down the back of her panties and hoisting her up until her legs were around my waist. Her breath caught, and her arms wrapped around my neck. I moved in to kiss her again, loving the taste of her glossy lips and her sweet tongue. She moaned into me, grinding against my waist. I could feel the heat of her even through my t-shirt, and her arousal drove me to get her naked, pronto. 

I stumbled blindly in the direction of her bedroom, taking my hands off her ass long enough to feel my way through the doorframe. Kelly clung to me, sucking on my tongue, making all the blood rush away from my brain and in a southerly direction. I rested her back onto the bed, pulling back from her so I could take in every inch of her beautiful body. 

She froze, her expectant eyes locked onto mine, glassy and wanton. I hooked my finger in her panties, and she raised her narrow hips, a silent consent that I was taking full advantage of.

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