Friday, November 1, 2013

Review:Rock the Beat by Michelle Valentine

So,  I just finished this book and I had the overwhelming need to listen to some drum heavy music while writing this review. I like reading from a drummers point of view. As Trip pointed out, he gets to see his buddies put on a hell of a show from the back of the stage, how awesome would that be? I have yet to read a Black Falcon book that I have not LOVED, Rock the Beat is no different. Im not sure what happened that made Michelle change the date of release, I know she said she wasn't happy with it, but I can say that whatever she changed must have been brilliant because this book is 5 plus star worthy!

What can I say about Trip and Holly? How about, WOW, they are great together, almost immediately. Holly is just as mouthy as Trip and I think that is why they mesh so well, they can keep up with each other. From the moment Trip first saw Holly at the club he knew he had to have her and being the big rock star that he is, he doesn't take no for an answer-He is actually kind of a diva at first :) Holly, of course, knows she needs to stay away from Trip, he has heartbreak written all over his beautiful chest (And, after what she just went through, that is the last thing she needs), so she was very shocked to see him the very next day! Holly is very strong willed and Trip is just a sweet guy willing to give her the time she needs to make up her mind about something that he already knows. I will not spoil the story as you definitely need to read it for yourself, I will just say that If you love Noel and Riff, you will also love Trip. And, now, I am not so patiently waiting to meet Tyke!

Happy Reading Everyone,

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