Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: Three of Diamonds by Wendy Ferraro

Three of Diamonds
Lola Nash’s life edges on safe and controlled, containing few people; her brother, Boyd, a handful of friends and the facility for special needs children where she volunteers, called Aaron’s Place. However, a chance meeting shatters her control when she learns someone else’s closely held secret. The kind of secret causing her explicit and sexy dreams, all centering around Wes Thompson; known as Adonis in the ultra-exclusive world of the sex club, Olympus. Wes is intrigued by the voluptuous beauty who won’t give him the time of day. Like the God he emulates, he has never been the type to give in when he wants something or someone; Lola is exactly what he wants. Is Lola the one that can bring a God to his knees or will Wes conquer her, and then walk away as planned? Is the chance at love worth the cost of giving up everything you hold important? When the cards are down, will Wes and Lola call or fold?

When I started reading The Hamden Series and was being introduced to the characters, Wes Thompson stood out the me. In fact, I REALLY wanted to skip ahead to his book but I was a good girl and didn't. So, when it was time to read Three of Diamonds, I was REALLY excited. Wes is best friends Dylan and Seth and has watched both of them get married and have kids in the last year, with no want to do either of those things. He is an architect that works with their construction company. His tastes are a little different than theirs, in fact, even though they have been friend for decades, they don't even know the lengths of his desires. I am a history buff, Gods and Goddesses especially peaking my interests. So, reading a little about Adonis and the mountain of Olympus (even when in relation to a sex club) really kept my interest. Believe it or not, I believe it takes a very strong woman to be with a man who has such specific desires-Enter Lola. Lola is a very strong and self sufficient person. She has to be with the hand she has been dealt. She has a lot of sadness in her life but you would never know that with her happy go lucky attitude. She takes shit from no one, and I very much respect her for that. She and her brother Boyd, are very close.

Im not gonna give away what happens when Lola and Wes meet but I will say that you should be ready as Wendy is not one to spare on the details and this book is no different. In my opinion, Dylan and Seth are sexy in their respective ways, but Wendy goes above and beyond to prove why Wes is the Adonis that he claims to be!!

I gave this book 5 plus stars and am a little saddened that I am coming to a close with this series, I have been with the folks of Hamden all month and I will miss them!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: Three of Spades by Wendy Ferraro

Three of Spades
Dylan Cross is the type of man that enjoys everything female, and
enjoy it he does, but always on his terms. However, his terms are
pushed to their limit when Natalie Parker proposes an offer; teach her and her delectable little body, all about sex and desire. There is one catch. He has to play the part of Natalie's madly in love boyfriend for her dying mother. Dylan signs on, and finds that separating the two is harder than he thought. Natalie's days of shyness and lack of confidence come to a quick close as she learns what her body craves and demands in the bedroom. Soon, Dylan becomes the student as Natalie teaches him things he didn't even know he wanted. Will Hamden's notorious playboy, bachelor be able to keep calling the shots, or will he find that, he, himself, is just another player at the card game of life, as we all are?

Wendy did a great job describing Dylan like the sexy man that he is. I just imagine him being one of those guys that can be an ass but flashes that mega watt smile and it makes you melt. I'm sure that is what Natalie thought, as well, when she was looking for a commit-o-phobe to deal out her proposition. I always love how one person in the story is timid and shy (for a while, anyway) and the other person is confident enough for the both of them but yet they make it work You can tell that Dylan is one of those types of people that doesn't always commit but when he does, he commits fully. So, when Natalie needs to find someone to take on her proposition, at first it seems crazy that she picks Dylan but ultimately, she could have picked no one better. Dylan not only helps her with the issue that she is having but he also helps her find herself and ultimately, find himself, as well.
This is a smooth flowing book and its one that you can not put down because you have to know what is going to happen next. I gave Three of Spades 5 stars!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway-Repair Me by Jenn Foor

Sky's whole world is turned upside down when she catches her long-time boyfriend cheating. Depressed over the breakup, she decides to drive to the beach to spend time with her friends and drown her sorrows in hot guys and fruity drinks. The only problem with her plan is her piece-of-junk car. It breaks down halfway into her trip, in the middle of nowhere—a place where cell phone towers don't even exist.

Ford's life has changed drastically in the past year, and he spends his days working at his family's run-down auto repair shop. When his father tells him to go rescue a stranded traveler, he soon finds himself with a hot opportunity to forget about what ruined his life, even if it's only for one night.
With sexy chemistry between them, Sky and Ford agree to a one-night stand, to let go of what each of them are running from and enjoy each other with no strings attached. But as their heated night progresses, they both know that one night is never going to be enough. What happens when one night turns into two? And two turns into three? Can two people, who know nothing about each other, really fall in love?
Or is lust just playing with their torn hearts?
Adult 18+ Explicit Sexual Content *****


I would like to start off by saying this book is VERY VERY STEAMY!! 

So, I gave this book  stars. After not reading a hot and steamy book for a while, you forget how fun they can be ;). Ford is tatted up mecahnic, who by day is all dirty and greasy (YUM) and cleans up and drives off in his red pick up truck to go dance (ALSO YUM!), whats not love, right? Sky is not the usual whiney heroine in the story who gets all worked up over nothing. They both are going through some hard shit in their lives. The one thing that I love about this story is, the characters communicate with each other. Alot of times, the characters know whats going on and most of the time can fix the issues, but dont and that drives me insane. This book is not like that. When something happens they talk about it. I LOVE when Ford says, " I rekon I got somethin' to tell ya, darlin;" Oh.My.Gosh, makes me melt! 
These characters do have their ups and downs, the one thing that stands out to me is that they never question their love for each other, they never give up on each other and more importantly, they do what is right by each other. BOTH characters put their family first and are very selfless. Dont get me wrong they have A LOT of fun and do some things that may make you blush, they are just very fun characters to read about. 
I would for sure recommend this book to anyone who likes to read hot steamy books that do have a well thought out story line to go with! 

Author Bio: 
A Maryland native who spends most of her time
devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.
She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Three of Hearts by Wendy Ferraro

Mae Turney is searching for the type of life and happiness she has
never known but has only dreamed about. She's fortunate enough to find a great opportunity to live in an exterior apartment of a beautiful lake house in a small town in Vermont. When she realizes the apartment and scenery are not the only gorgeous appeal but the home owner, Seth Finn, is as well, she puts it all on the line for the chance at love. When she becomes comfortable and confident in her own skin and sexuality, Mae realizes that this place and this man is exactly what she came looking for. Knowing Seth and his three children are as special as they come, Mae bets the house, and prays she and her gamble are enough.


Hamden is a very lucky town as it is home to three very hot best friends (and the ladies who love them): Seth Finn, Dylan Scott and Wes Thompson. One of the main reasons I like this series so much is the guys are older and not as much the “jealous” type.

I am not sure how to put into words what I felt while reading this book-or series for that matter. Seth Finn is obviously a very successful man, with the help of his best friends; he is able to build a lucrative business. He has a wife he adores and three beautiful children. Tragedy strikes this family and none of their lives are the same. Mae is a nurse in the oncology department (no coincidence, I’m sure). After she has a tragedy strike her own family, she decides to start over and the town of Hamden seems to be the perfect place. What I love about Mae is she is a very sweet person. She always puts others needs in front of her own and she is always observant of situations and is able to sooth when something bad happens. Seth is a family man, they are first and foremost in his life and that is what I LOVE about him. He is always getting Mae flowers, a gesture that can show so many different kind of feelings. Together they create some very passionate story lines. Of course, when they both decide to be hard headed when it gets a little rough, it creates some issues. But, with the help of all their friends and family, they make it. They prove that even through tragedy, heartbreak, happiness and sorrow can come a beautiful love!! 

I gave this book 5 stars and would highly recommend this series to anyone who likes to read about hot men and the woman who love them!

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